Nikki Giovanni on James Baldwin

Welcome, Center for the Reader readers, to this, our second inaugural blog post!

We plan to dig up lots of literary goodies for your perusal in posts to come, and to connect you to resources we have on hand here at Central Library.

To wit, in light of what would have been James Baldwin’s 91st birthday (this past Sunday) and the 1st anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting (this coming Sunday), I share with you all a tribute to the writer from the esteemed Nikki Giovanni:

“…because it’s just not right that people who look like you—people who are small, and black, and lonely, but bright, and funny, and sweet—can’t find a way in this world.”

Thanks to PEN American.

Keep your eyes peeled for Go Tell It on the Mountain, coming soon to our Book Club in a Bag cache. Titles are available for hold anytime—just give us a call! (314) 539-0396


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