Author Jenny Lawson’s Love Letter to Libraries

I am a huge fan of author Jenny Lawson, who blogs at The Bloggess and whose first book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, made me laugh until I cried (and then laugh even more). Let’s just say that it was not a good idea to read her book before I went to sleep …. I stayed up way too late and got way too punchy….

Anyway, I digress. While her first book is nonfiction, and her upcoming book, Furiously Happy, is also nonfiction, and we focus on fiction here in Center for the Reader, I really wanted to share her post about her love for libraries. You may read the entire thing here, but I’m going to share a little bit here:

“Librarians are how libraries speak. Theirs are the small faces behind a million stories and facts. Theirs are the simple hands that introduce you to the people who will shape you, and the ghosts that will haunt you, and the ideas that will drive you, and the friends that will never leave you. They know the science of knowledge and beauty and laughter, and—though you can’t quite imagine it—they’ve cried over the same books that have broken and rebuilt your heart. They’ve ridden in the same sleigh with the snow queen. They’ve flown over London and sailed on pirate ships and visited Shangri-La and watched the world be destroyed and created and destroyed again. And what they want more than anything else is to share those impossible journeys with you.”

I love that she wrote this. I already was a huge fan, and now, this confirms that Jenny Lawson is one of my author rock stars. I’d encourage you to click on over and read her entire post. And then, click around and read a bit more. I guarantee you’ll laugh at least once.


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