MU’s Library Celebrates 100th Birthday

In its latest issue, Mizzou Magazine gives kudos to James Thayer Gerould, the man behind the birth of the University of Missouri’s Elmer Ellis Library:

Gerould believed the library should be not only a laboratory for students and professors but also a home to inventions and discoveries, sound scholarship, and considered conclusions.

‘The library, although it has existed almost from the dawn of history, for the first time became a militant force,’ Gerould wrote in the December 1905 issue of the Missouri Alumni Quarterly. ‘No longer a mere collection of books resorted to but seldom, it became a university for those whose school days are ended and for the student a collection of tools for daily use.'”

Fortifying words, even (no, especially!) today.


Then (1915; University Archives c20/8/6/Bx1/ff60)


Now (by Nicholas Benner)

Take a peek—there are lots more photos! (And might I suggest doing some digging in the university’s Special Collections and Archives blog as well? This post is a personal favorite.)


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