2nd Annual Small Press Expo TODAY!!

Come see us this Saturday!! SLPL is proud to partner with St. Louis’s large small press community to present the 2nd Annual Small Press Expo at Central Library on September 26 from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. !! New for this year, SPEx will host panel discussions and hands-on workshops. All events are FREE and open to the public. So, how cool is that–all this going on, and totally free!!

The library’s Training Room will feature half-hour, hands-on workshops (collage, bookbinding, pressure prints, and more) as well as a screening of Root Hot or Die, a film about King Cat Comics creator John Porcellino. In the Auditorium, Sibling Rivalry Press (Little Rock, AR) will be part of a discussion of book design; Tenth Zine will discuss their new issue, black gay culture, and their St. Louis-based contributors; and Tim Lane and John Porcellino will discuss making comic art.

Vendors include Architrave Press, Rob Armbrister, Christianne Benedict, Big List of Dead People, Boulevard Magazine, Boxing Clever Publishing, Central Print, Charon Coin Press, Crimes Against Hugh’s Manatees, Drawdoer Comics, Drift Plain Collective, Marie Enger, Flying Turtle Productions, fort gondo, Frotoon Comics, Gibson Twist and Rori!, God Bless Generica, Headmetal Comics, King Cat Comics, Nick Kuntz, Pen & Publish, Inc., PieCrust, Queer Young Cowboys, Nicky Rainey, Ray Nadine, Release the Hounds, River Styx Magazine, Sh*tty River Comics, Sibling Rivalry Press, Somnadrome Press, TechArtista, Tenth Zine, Unheard, Vag*** Zine, Vice Versa Press, A.P. Westcott, WomenArts Quarterly Journal, Work Press & Publication, Worser Beings, and Dan Zettwoch.

For more information, please visit Small Press Expo or the library’s website.


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St. Louis Central Library, Center for the Reader, is where you can find fiction, reading suggestions, author information, and much more!
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