Scribbler’s Ghost Story Contest

You may remember reading our post about the Scribbler blog (if not, please feel free to click the link). I wanted to make sure I let our readers know about the Scribbler’s 2015 Ghost Story contest. You may read all about it over on the Scribbler blog—and you still have time to enter! The ghosts in your story may be actual or metaphorical, which opens up all sorts of possibilities. And did I mention, there is a prize for the winning story? Visit the Scribbler’s blog for details on writing guidelines and how to submit your story.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your ghost story, or just want a good October read, we have a display up in Center for the Reader full of chiller, thriller, spooky, and scary reads.


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St. Louis Central Library, Center for the Reader, is where you can find fiction, reading suggestions, author information, and much more!
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