Spotlight on Midwest Presses: Two Dollar Radio’s Binary Star

This month, Center for the Reader has put together a display of Midwest presses, including (but not limited to) the Columbus, Ohio-based Two Dollar Radio.


In keeping with this theme, The Rumpus‘s Luke Wiget talks to Binary Star author Sarah Gerard (AND gets to peek into her 7th grade yearbook!):

Binary Star [is] a quick book of vortex-like prose, a stripped and staccato telling of a road trip of an anorexic young woman and her bi-polar, alcoholic boyfriend. … Gerard shares the process of writing her novel in a matter of weeks in a trailer, getting stoned and going her ten-year high school reunion, and what it was like attending magnet schools in the south side of St. Petersburg, Florida, a town where it’s not uncommon to later come across your ex-boyfriend’s DUI mug shots on the internet.”

Check out Binary Star and browse some of our other Two Dollar Radio titles. Be sure, too, to stop by Center for the Reader to see what other Midwest presses we’re showcasing!


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