Toeing the Highbrow/Lowbrow Line: García Márquez and the Movies

The decorated Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez (fondly known as Gabo), author of such classics as One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera, was also, it appears, a great proponent of the soap opera.

“I’ve always wanted to write soap operas,” says García Márquez in the 1989 documentary Márquez: Tales Beyond Solitude. “They’re wonderful. They reach far more people than books do. … The problem is that we’re condition [sic] to think that a soap opera is necessarily in bad taste, and I don’t believe this to be so.”

Fast-forward to 41:19 in the video below:

“The genre is good. It’s the genre of Dickens’ novels, of Dostoyevsky’s novels, visualized,” he argues at 43:14. “The medium has to be used. It is an invitation to a truly spectacular dissemination of one’s thoughts. … Instead of looking down on it, we should get into it … We know its secrets, we know the technique, we know how it’s done. And we know the themes. They come from our literature.”

Thanks to Open Culture.


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    fun trivia

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