Stumped on what to read next? Try Blending!

like this, but with genres. Photo courtesy of Kristoffer Trolle via Flickr.

Like this, but with genres.

I frequently read a blog called Tales from the RAT Queen, which is written by Lucy Lockley, the Collection Development Manager for the St. Charles City-County Library here in Missouri. She’s a dynamic person, and her blog always has interesting posts that send me looking for titles to add to my TBR list!

I had remembered seeing something on her blog about a genre blender, and I found it here. Last December, Lucy wrote about Genrify, “where genres mix and mingle.” I had tried it back then and recently, when I was looking for something new to read, I tried it again. Genrify has a really cool thing called a Blender, where you can choose two to three genres, blend, and then see what books come up. For example, I chose “Adrenaline” and “Science Fiction” and blended — and found some books on the title list that I had already read and enjoyed (11/22/63 by Stephen King), a few books I’ve been meaning to read (Afterparty by Daryl Gregory) and a few I’d never heard of. How cool is that? Very. Definitely a fun and easy way to find some new books if you’re in a reading slump.

You can find more information about new books, display ideas, and readers’ advisory advice on Tales from the RAT Queen.

Blender photo courtesy of Kristoffer Trolle via Flickr


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2 Responses to Stumped on what to read next? Try Blending!

  1. Julie Failla Earhart says:

    this is so cool!


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