We Promise We Won’t Ever Do This to You

… unless the FBI or CIA asks us to. And even then, I doubt it’d show up in the papers.

Haruki Murakami’s adolescent library record has been leaked to the press.

While the Japan Librarian Association condemns the breach of privacy, Hideaki Ono, assistant managing editor at the paper that ran the story, the Kobe Shimbun, doesn’t falter. To the Agence France-Presse he said, “Murakami is someone whose work, and the way he developed his literature, is the subject of scholarly study.” In other words, fair game.

Among the titles leaked? The complete works of Joseph Kessel, which includes 1928’s scandalous Belle de Jour, which was made into a movie starring Catherine Deneuve in 1968. Both of which we have! Click for availability:

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