Reading resolutions? Try 101 lies, instead.

Greta Garbo wants to be alone . . . to read.

A lot of people make resolutions, but when I saw this, I thought to myself: Hmm….  Maybe one of your resolutions for 2016 is to make more time for reading. If so, you might find this list on BookRiot to be helpful. Personally, I recognize that there are times when I just need the rest of the world to recede a bit because I need to keep reading. BookRiot also recognizes this and has provided a helpful list of “101 Lies to Tell So You Can Stay Home and Read.”

#1: I have a sunburn and I fear that any exposure to the elements will cause me discomfort. No, you can’t come here. I’m too ashamed of my sunburn.
#14: I tasted vanilla extract and the fact that something that smells so good can taste so bad is making me question everything I know about the world.
#28: I tried to make beignets in my own kitchen and cannot find my way out of the sweet powdered sugar chaos.
and one of my favorites: #15: I saw a mouse and I am waiting to see if I see it again. This brought back memories of my last apartment in Chicago.

Perhaps you’ll find a useful lie on this list, as well.


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