So This Job Exists: Meme Librarian

While my tech-challenged boyfriend still calls the things “me-mes,” the rest of the world is beginning to seriously study the trends and many iterations of the great internet-born sensation: the meme.


Meme mining is the way of the future. Or really the way of the… now. Meet Tumblr’s content and community associate in charge of cataloging the ever-growing, ever-changing mass of internet memes:

Amanda Brennan: Meme Librarian


Brennan explains how her job came to be:

[In graduate school] immediately I knew I did not want to work in a traditional library. Which is weird because people go to library school and they’re like “I want to change the world with books!” And I was like “I want to change the world of information.”

… I love metadata. I took so many metadata classes. I just love the idea of using tags to add more context. Yes, there’s the traditional metadata of saying, “Yes, this book is about Alexander Hamilton, and history, and World War II.” But when people start adding personal metadata to it, this extra level of — we see that more online than in a traditional library setting.

Take a cue from Brennan—wander through The Washington Post’s timeline of every Tumblr meme from 2015. Expand your mind!


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