Book Riot’s Definitive Guide to Picking Up Women at a Bookstore

This is sure to be an enlightening New Year’s read for all you single-and-looking bibliophiles out there. Here’s a look at your initial steps…

First, walk up to the bookstore clerk and say, “Hello, can you direct me to Toni Morrison.” You’ll want to stay on script — if you find yourself insulting the clerk’s bangs in the hope of lowering her self-worth so she might sleep with you, you’ve screwed up. Equally important is the follow up line: After you’ve been directed to the correct section, it’s critical that you say something along the lines of, “Thanks.”

Now you’re standing beside a set of highly challenging books, written by one of the most intelligent women on Earth and the only living American to win The Nobel Prize in Literature. OK, deep breaths. You’ve laid the groundwork, selected the target, and now it’s time for the clincher. Reach out and pick one of those novels up by the spine —

As you can imagine, these tactics translate easily to the library setting. We’ve got a lot of Toni Morrison. (Among hundreds upon hundreds of other women writers!)


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