A Crash Course in Bookish Acronyms

Say, did you add that ARC to my TBR list?

Okay, I admit it: I use some bookish acronyms and assume everyone else knows them and uses them. And then, I have a moment of doubt (especially if I’m using one with a non-librarian), so I’ll explain my acronym and then feel like maybe I’m over-explaining things. Now that I’ve come across this post on Book Riot, though, I might just keep it handy.

Now, when I’m throwing around terms like “TBR” and “ARC” and “POD,” I can show this to someone. And, I’ve found some new terms I can drop into a conversation, like “OOP” and “ROUS” (although I usually think that should be “rodents of unusual size.”). And, I have learned I should say “MMPB” (Mass-Market Paperback) instead of “shortie paperback,” which is my term for those books.

Any favorite terms of your own?



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