A Day in the Life of the Library Book Drop

baconbookmark2One of the many serendipities that fuels librarians’ public service fires? The weird flotsam and jetsam we have the pleasure of finding in our stacks and book drops. So far this year, Josh Hanagarne, author of The World’s Strongest Librarian (available here and as a Book Club in a Bag), has come across the following charming bookmarks:

A lock of hair, like, the size a serial killer would take from a victim
Two shoelaces
A Polaroid of a cat wearing a leather mask

Hanagarne lets us in on more good finds:

Surprises Found in Library Books
Surprises Found in Library Books (or Libraries): Part Deux

And while we’re on the subject… the most interesting thing I’ve found in my library career? A foot-long, pristine conch shell, down with all the bound senior theses in my college library’s basement—a tribute to Lord of the Flies‘ Piggy? I like to think it still lives in my old boss’s office, crowning her personal bookshelf.


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