The Tiebrary

A supplement to this post here: Philadelphia’s Paschalville Library offers its job-hunting patrons checkoutable neckties. A tweet from mayor Jim Kenney confirms:

If you still think of libraries as places where books gather dust in an especially organized fashion, think again.

A library in Michigan lends out power tools and measuring tapes. In Rhode Island, fishing rods are on offer. Harvard Library offers members a chance to sign up for timeslots with a Shih Tzu — for those times you really need snuggles but don’t want to deal with a pet of your own. And at Philly’s McPherson Square Branch in Kensington, there’s a whole collection of cake pans you can borrow to add more fun to home baking sessions. It’s the sharing economy, on a public service level.

“People like to say the internet will be the downfall of books, and hence the downfall of libraries,” says Eddy. “But we’re much more than that. We are community centers.”

Strategy coordinator Nate Eddy got the Tiebrary idea from Queens Public Library, and is even reusing Paschalville’s old VHS tape cases to display the collection. See the full article from Billy Penn here.


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