Avoiding the Slump


Yes, slump happens.

It’s bound to happen: you’ve read the books in your house (or the ones that you find interesting, anyway), you’ve picked through the books in your favorite sections at the library, nothing at the bookstore looks appealing . . . and before you know it, you’re in a reading slump. Don’t worry. You’re among friends here. We’re here to help.

So what do you do when this happens? Here are a few ideas to get you excited about back on your usual reading track:

  • Browse the “New Books” section at the library. Here in Center for the Reader, our New Books include all genres, so you never know what you might find. I sometimes suggest this for a reader who reads in a specific genre or genres, because they might discover an awesome title or author that’s not in their usual wheelhouse.
  • Venture out of your comfort zone. See above on where to find books that aren’t in your usual territory. There’s no harm in trying something new, right?
  • Revisit an old favorite. Maybe you’re a reader who never, ever re-reads a book.¬† Well, if you enjoyed something, why not revisit it? So what if you already know how it ends? If you enjoyed the journey the first time, it’s possible it might be just as nice a second time around.
  • Try something short. Try a novella, or a collection of short stories. I especially like short story collections that have selections from a number of different authors. There’s the potential to discover an author you’ve never read before, without committing to a full-length book.
  • If a book isn’t catching your interest, stop reading. Seriously. Close the book and return it to the library, send it on its merry way, etc. etc. Life is too short to not enjoy what you’re reading. Repeat after me: It’s OK to not like a book. The exception is what we sometimes have to read for school. I can’t help you with that, unfortunately.
  • If all else fails, step away from books entirely. Try an audiobook. Or, just take a few days off and binge-watch your favorite TV show. Your books will not be offended; they know you will return to them.

We wish you some happy reading!


About centerforthereader

St. Louis Central Library, Center for the Reader, is where you can find fiction, reading suggestions, author information, and much more!
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One Response to Avoiding the Slump

  1. Those are very merciful tips. thanks! I used to help take care of the New Books section at Carpenter, and folks often seemed interested when I directed them that way. Good call.


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