Looking for a new series to get into?

Mistborn-final empireIf you’re looking for a series to get into this summer, we’ve got suggestions. Our Fantasy Maps displays have several series with books on display, including the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson.

This fantasy series is primarily set on a world called Scadrial, and one of the things I find interesting about the books is that the magic system focuses on the three “Metallic Arts,” which focus on three realms of existence: Cognitive Realm, Physical Realm, and Spiritual Realm. All three magic systems are based on metals, which are used to grant specific abilities. So, if you’ve got a copper penny in your pocket, and you have a special ability, you can do more with it than buy something.

Intrigued? Begin with the first book, Mistborn: The Final Empire. If you find you like it, there are six more books in this series (so far).

Visit our Fantasy Maps exhibit at Central Library! Part of our celebration of Worlds of Wonder, the exhibit runs from June 11 – October 15th. Our Great Hall has a fantastical map of St. Louis, as well as stands which have illustrations of beautiful maps from fiction books. In addition, up in the Carnegie Room on the third floor, we have cases filled with a number of beautiful maps from all kinds of books. Whether it’s the Land of Oz or the lands of Westeros and Essos, you’ll discover just how diverse maps can be! This exhibit also features a variety of different maps of St. Louis, itself, letting you see the city in new ways.

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