Scott Westerfield’s Fantastic Leviathan Series

Leviathan seriesIf you’ve seen our Fantasy Maps exhibit up in the Carnegie Room here at Central Library, you’ll note we used one of the maps from the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld. This steampunk/biopunk series begins with Leviathan and is set in an alternate version of World War I, where the Central Powers (Clankers) use mechanized war machines against the Entente Powers (Darwinists) who battle using genetically fabricated living creatures. Sound intriguing?

If you’ve ever read the Uglies series and never knew about this trilogy, I’d encourage you to pick up Leviathan and give it a try. Westerfeld’s dynamic storytelling and creative worldbuilding make these books a real treat. And the audiobook is read by Alan Cumming!

Visit our Fantasy Maps exhibit at Central Library! Part of our celebration of Worlds of Wonder, the exhibit runs through October 15th. Our Great Hall has a fantastical map of St. Louis, as well as stands of illustrations of beautiful maps from fiction books. In addition, up in the Carnegie Room on the third floor, we have cases filled with a number of beautiful maps from all kinds of books. Whether it’s the Land of Oz or the lands of Westeros and Essos, you’ll discover just how diverse maps can be! This exhibit also features a variety of different maps of St. Louis, itself, letting you see the city in new ways.


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