There’s plenty of summer left!

Bookish collageThere’s still plenty of summer left (I mean, we’ve got all of August to look forward to)! To me, summer reading means an extension of the general laid-back feeling that accompanies warmer weather. Books that you can take on vacation or on a trip to the beach, ready for you to just sit, relax, and immerse yourself in the story. Actually, if it’s hot, for me it means hiding in the A/C and indulging in some binge reading. 

You may hear “summer reads” and think about books where people are at summer homes on the lake, immersed in family drama. However, here are some GREAT ideas for some must-read Science Fiction and Fantasy titles, courtesy of Bookish (thank you!).

I can speak from personal experience and say that The Invisible Library is a really fun book. League of Dragons is the final book in the Temeraire series and is great. You haven’t read this series? It’s Napoleonic Wars + dragons. Totally works in the best way. And is totally binge-read worthy.


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