First Lines from the New and Noteworthy

Some first lines from hot-off-the-presses fiction (to whet your summer reading appetite):

“Some people hate cats.” How to Set a Fire and Why (Pantheon, July 2016) by Jesse Ball. Fourteenth book, seventh novel.

“In exercises 1 through 24, mark the option that corresponds to the word whose meaning has no relation to either the heading or the other words listed.” Multiple Choice (Penguin Books, July 2016) by Alejandro Zambra, translated from the Spanish by Megan McDowell. Eighth book, fifth fiction book.

“In twilight they passed bloody Tadoussac, Kébec and Trois-Rivières and near dawn moored at a remote riverbank settlement.” Barkskins (Scribner, June 2016) by Annie Proulx. Tenth book, fifth novel.

“A soldier looked over the parapet and thought no army could even begin to crack open the towers that marked the corners of the city.” The Lost Civilization of Suolucidir (City Lights Publishers, July 2016) by Susan Daitch. Fifth book, fourth novel.

“A woman who adored her mother, and had mourned her death every day for years now, came across some postcards in a store that sold antiques and various other bric-a-brac.” Ninety-Nine Stories of God (Tin House Books, July 2016) by Joy Williams. Tenth book, fifth story collection.

Courtesy of Poets & Writers. Pageturners ends this Saturday, so click a title to place a hold, and come claim your prizes before time’s up!


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