If we tell you not to touch, then we’re sure you can’t resist…

September marks when many libraries create displays to draw attention to books that have been challenged and/or banned over the years. Banned Books Week is September 25th through October 1st, but we’ve got a display in Center for the Reader all month long!

This year, Banned Books Week focuses on the issue of diversity. It has been estimated that over half of all banned or challenged books “are by authors of color, or contain events and issues concerning diverse communities, according to ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom*.”

“It’s alarming to see so many diverse voices facing censorship,” says Charles Brownstein, chair of the Banned Books Week Coalition. “2016’s Banned Books Week is an important moment for communities to join together in affirming the value of diverse ideas and multiple viewpoints. By shining a light on how these ideas are censored, we hope to encourage opportunities to create engagement and understanding within our communities, and to emphasize the fundamental importance of the freedom to read.”

And now that you know that there are books that have been banned or challenged, aren’t you curious to know what they are? Come in to Center for the Reader and see what’s on display:

(Thanks to Ms. Lisa Thorp in Social Sciences for the photos!)


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St. Louis Central Library, Center for the Reader, is where you can find fiction, reading suggestions, author information, and much more!
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