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2016 Pulitzer Prizes in Letters

http://thelithub.tumblr.com/post/143065066852/congratulations-to-the-winners-finalists-of-this Check ’em out here: The SympathizerCuster’s Trials Barbarian Days Black Flags Advertisements

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Mark Your Calendars: CBCToo Meets for Margs on 3/14

In two weeks’ time, Central Book Club Too will rendevouz at Rosalita’s Cantina (1235 Washington) at 6:30 to discuss Richard Siken’s War of the Foxes. If you’ve read his 2005 hit Crush, you’ll understand our excitement. A snippet from “The Language of the Birds” for you: To be a … Continue reading

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That Patti Smith’s a Real Name-Dropper

If you read Patti Smith’s smash hit M Train and your hand got tired scribbling down all the literary allusions for later review, you’re welcome (or actually, less “you’re welcome” and more “thank you Word Bookstores“): EVERY AUTHOR AND EVERY BOOK … Continue reading

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Sandra Cisneros on Upholstery and Amphibianism

“I always admired that my father had this little business card that said Cisneros Upholstery — custom quality furniture. And my dream was to have a card that said Sandra Cisneros — writer, custom quality work. And I finally did … Continue reading

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